How to make your first call

Once the app is downloaded and your email address is confirmed, it’s time to make your first call.

Whether or not you’ve made a video call before, it can be unsettling to call a stranger. This is why it is 100% acceptable and even encouraged, to have your first call be a “test” call to familiarize yourself with the experience. Volunteers are more than happy to validate that the connection works and assuage any fears, so that you can make future calls without hesitation.  

Here’s how to make your first call:

  1. Open the Be My Eyes App
  2. Click “Call first available volunteer”
  3. Wait to be connected to a sighted volunteer

It’s that easy.


Apart from making the call itself, here are some general tips that will ensure a positive experience with Be My Eyes:

  1. Make sure your internet connection is good. The app works perfectly with or without WiFi through the cellular connection. It works on your iPad as well. 
  2. Make sure your camera is pointed in the right direction. The lens is on the back of your phone in the right-hand corner. 
  3. Make sure the room is lit. It is helpful for the volunteer, if there is light on the subject of your call. The volunteer can turn on your phone’s flashlight, if he or she is having difficulty seeing. 
  4. Make sure NOT to share any personal information such as credit card number, passport, personal address, social security, insurance etc. 
  5. Make sure to place small objects on a table or other hard surface. It can be difficult for the cameraphone to focus if the object is held in mid-air. 
  6. And please have fun. When the volunteer picks up, just say hello, and thank them for their time.